Carazy Paint

Lets get Carazy & Paint

Carazy Paint is:
CaraMia Warfle: Proprietor/Artist/Face Painter 
Alicia Sperry:   Assistant/Photographer/Artist/Face Painter

CaraMia Cipriani-Warfle, a native to New Jersey, is a self taught artist working primarily with acrylic paints.
Her mixed media works combine contrasting twists of vivid colors and textures.  CaraMia has a wide array of subjects and techniques but always stays true to her whimsical and unique style.

Her work can be found throughout Europe, Canada, and 
the United States. With over 300 paintings sold, she continues to gain recognition.
CaraMia‚Äôs paintings reflect different stages of her life as you will see from her earlier work to her most present pieces. 
Her colorful soul shows in all she paints, not a piece lacks emotion. Her husband and two children inspire her  as well as her dear friends she has met along the way.


 Carazy Paint Faces began when my daughters school was having an event and needed a  face painter. One of the mothers had called on me knowing that I am an artist.  I gave it a shot and had a blast. From that moment on I knew that Face Painting was something I really enjoyed. Years later and many, MANY events, I still love it just as much . I get the children laughing and we all have a great time. I just don't paint their face, I make them smile :)