Carazy Paint

Lets get Carazy & Paint

Carazy Paint Policies: MUST READ 
Individual interests and policies listed below. 

 Premises is under cc recorded surveillance 24/7
All paintings/products are copyright/trademarks of Carazy Paint, LLC

Attendee minimum/max: 10(Home) 10 (Studio)
                                      80 max total (Including host)
                                      28 max in studio
it is encouraged to have your guests pre-pay to avoid last minute cancellations. 

$25 charge if party falls under minimum 
Chair and Table rental available:
$30- 4 Chairs
$25- 8ft Table

Refunds/Deposits/Cancellations & No-Shows

Individual: If you pre-pay or register we have reserved your seat therefor, if you do not show you will not receive a refund. Private parties You have up to 14 days BEFORE the event to cancel, after 14 days you will not be refunded. If your private party or fundraiser fails to meet the minimum or you cancel AFTER the 14 day grace period, your deposit is non refundable. If you cancel prior to the 14 day grace period, your refund will be returned within 30 days. FUNDRAISERS, if canceled by the host  you will be issued a gift certificate for a future event (same or lesser value) at Carazy Paint (must be used within 30 days of original event) IF Carazy Paint cancels the event,a new date will be scheduled and you will have a credit to attend the new date. If you are unable to attend the new issued date, you will receive a full refund within 30 days of event.

STUDIO: You are invited to bring your own snacks and beverage. All fees Public/Private parties are due before the date of service. Classes start at time scheduled and close when stated.  If you would like you and your guests to arrive early, arrangements may be made in advance. There will be no loitering on the premises after classes have ended unless other arrangements have been made.  Any injury inquired due to carelessness, negligence or irresponsibility of participant on the property of Carazy Paint, LLC is not the responsibility of Carazy Paint, LLC. You are expected to conduct yourself in a safe and resonsible manner. You are responsible for all of your own personal belongings. All minors are required to have an adult present with them. If your conduct is dangerous or unruly, any age, you may be asked to leave the premises. You will be financially responsible for any damage you or your guests may cause to the inside or outside property, and or belongings of Carazy Paint, LLC

Private parties, on or off site: All fees are due before or upon  arrival. It is the hosts responsibility to collect all fees from his or her guests prior to the scheduled event. One payment either made by cash or a single credit/debit card will be accepted prior to, or time of scheduled event. There is an additional charge for credit card balance totals. 

ON SITE PARTIES:  All tables, chairs and table coverings are included.

Host responsible for providing tables, chairs, table cloths(Carazy Paint will provide place mats if requested)
It is suggested to collect the fee from each guest prior to your event date to ensure no last minute cancellations
An area for the artist must be available for artist to instruct. The Artist will have a small table to set up for her supplies and to display the class painting if you are unable to provide one for her. 

GUEST NO-SHOWS: IF your party falls under the minimum guest requirement, there will be an additional charge of $20.00 for each "no-show". The reason for the additional charge is because we have prepared the supplies and secured your event date in the agreement of at least 10(off site) 10 (on site) participants. Please understand, this is our income and it costs us to prepare for your event as well. That is why we suggest collecting fees prior to event date. This minimizes the risk of last minute cancellations.

Only pre payment secures your placement.
All registrants/guests please visit and read the terms & agreement section . Host of event is responsible to inform guests of said terms & agreement. 
No cash refunds or transfers. If host cancels event, you will be issued a rain date, if rain date is not available a gift certificate will be issued. In an extreme circumstance Carazy Paint cancels an event in 24 hours or less, a full refund will be issued, anything above that, a rain date or gift certificate will be issued. If an event is canceled due to weather or another act of god, a rain date or gift certificate will be issued. Your pay pal payment/check is your notification receipt no actual tickets are given. PRINT RECEIPT AND BRING WITH YOU. Your name is immediately placed on the guest list and will be checked off at the time of event. If you want an individual receipt from Carazy Paint , you may request one. 

Always contact Carazy Paint, we do our best to keep our clients happy and the best side of carazy! If for some reason you are not satisfied PLEASE come address me, Cara warfle, the owner of Carazy Paint, and I will make it right.

Deposit must be received or date can not be secured

Private Parties:
A $60 non refundable deposit is required to reserve your date. NO EXCEPTIONS. Your deposit WILL go towards your party total. Your deposit can not be transferred to another date. 8/10 person minimum


The regular fee for an event is $35.00 per artist for Canvas, $25.00 per artist for drinking glass. Any amount your organization chooses to charge over that will be your profit. $35.00/$45.00 has been the popular rate. You may consider to partner the event with some wine and light fare to entice even more guests. The possibilities are endless! Carazy Paint will also promote and create a FB event page as well as promote it on our personal website and social media pages. There will be a paypal tab to where your guests can pre pay and register.

Custom Painting Request:
Paintings for events can be chosen in the Albums section on our Carazy Paint Facebook page. There is an additional fee of $35.00 for custom requested paintings not found in our albums. Once your painting is created, it will then be listed in our albums and property of Carazy Paint, LLC. Please note that some images due to complexity can not be created for a 2 or 3 hour beginner artist class. We will discuss all possibilities with you and do our best to simplify your request to fit the requirements.

Face Painting
It will be the hosts responsibility to have each child get their face painted or be "in Line" with in the two hour time period.
Private Parties: 2 hour minimum. If your party runs over (late arrivals or without fault of my own) An additional fee may be required. 
Private Parties:
$100 first hr.  $ 50.00 each addtl hr. 
Festivals/Large events: 
Patrons pay $5 per face or 
$200.00 (Solo painter) $150 each (multi painters) 
for 3 hours
You charge HOW MUCH?!" 
 I don't blame you for asking but please let me explain. I promise you a lot of time and preparation on our end goes into planning your super amazing event. I keep my rates lower than most, yet you still get professional artists and a lot more bells and whistles than most other face painters. Believe it or not, the paints/colors cost anywhere between $8-$20 each, the muli-colored cakes actually cost a lot more. Face painters are just people who were born artistic, bought a set of paints, and started charging exorbitant amounts of money to take advantage of people who can't draw? Noooo, I PROMISE thats not it! 
I explain all of this only so that you will see that even though we may be charging you $100 for the first hour of painting , we have actually already been working for you for over 3 hours before we even get to you. The preparation and paper work take time as does travel to the event, set up, break down and most of us have families and need to set up child care. This is an legitimate business, I pay taxes, insurance, and have employees. This is why many artists have at least a 2 hour minimum for their parties, so that we can at least cover costs. What breaks down as our hourly rate, doesn't come close to covering all of the costs listed in this post, let alone give us a profit, unless we do a TON of one hour parties! So, I hope this helps you see that while our "hourly" quote for you may seem outlandish, it really is quite modest with all things considered.  I will also promise you that we give it our all as well as give each guest a gift. We are very talented face painters so every little face will be smiling for hours, even after the paint has washed away, the experience and photos will bring back the smile and memory every time. 

Craft parties:  
$150.00+ UP TO 10 children, $10-$15 each additional child. ASK FOR LIST OF CRAFTS


Your deposit can be made by check to:
Carazy Paint, LLC

Credit/debit card & Paypal payments: 
There is a convenience fee of $2.00 for each credit card/paypal transaction (paypal charges us)
Paypal payment address

Always feel free to contact me any time with any questions! or 856.392.6401

Thank you for believing in us to capture a memory and creation that will last a lifetime.
~CaraMia Warfle