Carazy Paint

           & Mystic Island Mermaid

Mystic Island Mermaid is small local sister company to Carazy Paint . All products are hand poured of spa quality specializing in candles, soaps, & nautical decor. Along with painting, making soaps and candles have always been something that I have loved doing. Now that I am back at the beach where I grew up, I wanted to combine two more things that I love, making soaps and candles with my happy place.  Close your eyes and let our scents take you on a vacation ~CaraMia

Gift baskets, gift certificates and jumbo samples available for purchase

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Because our products are made with natural ingredients, they last longer. 

Facial bars: $7-$9

Our facial bars are made with Donkey milk. What is Donkey Milk, you ask? It  has powerful anti-ageing and healing properties that lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping to regenerate damaged skin. It is perfect for all skin conditions including acne & sun damage! Try our all natural facial bar made with Donkey Milk, lemon rind, rolled oats and a touch of cinnamon. So natural that it has a shelf life. This bar does not include any essential oils, or dyes, the color and scent come strictly from the natural ingredients. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types.

Ask for our Oatmeal Body/Facial bar for oily skin. This bar is made with tea tree oil complimentary for problematic skin conditions such as acne prone skin. This bar also includes Himalayan pink salt, and cinnamon partnered with rolled oats for a natural exfoliant.

Body bars:$5

Our body bars are gentle enough to use on your most delicate parts, including your face. The ingredients include spa grade essential oils, donkey milk and or goats milk, soap base color, sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. Some of our bars may also include coconut, olive oil, pulverized almonds, poppy seed, oats or dried flowers to naturally exfoliate and hydrate the skin. 


8 oz  Jar: $11

12 oz Glass Tumbler: $14

16 oz Jar   $18

Our candles are made so that when you close your eyes you'll be on vacation. They are made with soy wax and scented with the finest essential oils. We recommend burning your candle for 2 hours each time so that the wax burns evenly.  Doing so, your candle  will burn to the fullest extent and prolong the life of your candle. We also recommend that you do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours. Trim your wick to a 1/4 inch before lighting and avoid burning in drafty areas or in the reach of a ceiling fan. The flame should not flicker and dance but burn steady and calm. Use a candle snuffer rather than blowing out the candle to avoid possible injury from hot wax.  Never leave your candle unattended or in the reach of children or questionable adults haha. 

Wax Melts: $4

Our wax melt clamshells come in 6 deliciously scented, creamy cubes. Melt a cube or two in your favorite warmer and escape to your favorite place. Our candle scents and wax melts compliment each other perfectly.


Mermaids & Sunsets Ornaments

Mermaids & Sunsets. The colors are incredibly vibrant. Each ornament is hand painted and unique with an iridescent finish. These can be personalized.
$6 Standard (standard bulb pictured)
$10 large
Personalization additional $2 each

Mystic Wizard & Fairy wands

Each wand is unique and completely one of a kind.  They are crafted with genuine precious stones and/or sea glass.

The magic is all yours. These photos do not do these any justice. They are beautifully delicate and intended for display purposes only. 


Mystic Island Mermaid's scent list

Bikini Sunshine~ When creating this scent, I tried to capture the memory of  the days when as a child we would go to Mid Way Steakhouse on the Sea Side Heights Boardwalk. I would always get a large lemonade with fresh lemons and lots of sugar. Bikini Sunshine is refreshingly sweetened with lemons and other delicious scents to remind you of a beautiful summers day. 

Siren~ A dangerously tempting scent you will not be able to resist. Orange blossom, cedar, clove, patchouli and tonka bean.

Driftwood~A relaxing yet deep scent that will remind you of your first kiss on the beach... and if you haven't experienced that, its never too late. Ozone, citrus, sandalwood, amber, cedar and musk.

High tide~ Remember just running into the ocean and that feeling... or when you are on a boat without a care in the world....That is the feeling you will get when you light High tide. Sea salt, ozone, citrus, jasmine, lavender, powder and wood.

Summer Love~ This doesn't need any comparisons but I can promise you that you will fall in love all over again with this scent. It may even make you giggle thinking about that first cute lifeguard you were going to marry (even if they didn't know it) This reminds me of "my love" because I think this will be his favorite scent and we met over the summer <3  Pineapple, mango, peach, coconut milk and sugar.

Mermaid Kisses~ Its just like falling under a Love spell.. and there is no feeling quite like being in love. Apple, peach, grapefruit, cherry blossom, hydrangea, vanilla & powder.

Sea grass and seashells~ Two of the shores signature beauties that no matter the season, they are to be found. This is crisp and raw, reminds being outside in nature after the rain. Eucalyptus, cypress, moss, bayberry, incense, patchouli & fir.

Sandcastle~  Building a sandcastle with the delicious desserts from the boardwalk dancing in the air, you didn't want to stop building but boy did you want funnel cake! Carmelized sugar, sea salt, brown sugar, pecan, hazelnut, butter, caramel, tonka & vanilla.

Triton~ The god of the sea, need I say anymore? This is a masculine yet romantic scent that will spark the mystery we all desire. Spiced honey, bergamont, tonka, coriander, tobacco leaves, & oud. 

Shipwrecked~ At some point most of us wanted to be a pirate, or maybe it was just that we wanted Johnny Depp... Apple, cinnamon, orange, bourbon, butter, coconut, maple and vanilla

Mystic Garden~ A fragrant daydream of a gentle breeze and sunflowers... we have all been in awe of the beauty of sunflowers.

Ocean Roses~ Our own little way of being courted by the waves.. Ozone, mandarin, rose, lily, amber, honey

Anchor~ Feeling safe..... content. This is the Anchor... ...once it sets place it can not be moved, just like love...its unconditional and keeps you grounded. Ozone, linen, eucalyptus, sea salt, freesia, moss, powder.