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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, if any event is re-scheduled due to Covid restrictions, a credit will be issued for the new rescheduled date or a future event. No cash refunds or transfers. We purchase the supplies in advance for the event and purchased ticket, therefore, a credit is given or you are welcomed to pick up your supplies at our studio location. Thank you for your anticipated understanding <3

Party Packages for All Ages 

The Instructor will need a small area to display art, instruct and prepare supplies please.

(Faster response time by text) 856-392-6401

In Studio or We travel to you!

Dates/Times already booked:


DEPOSIT: This request is delicately delivered. Once a painting is decided on for your event, there is a $25 fee if you decide for it to be changed. It is very important to have your guests arrive at least 15 minutes before your event start time. I understand things happen so I am not too much of a stickler but, we do need to stick to the given schedule. Your deposit IS REFUNDABLE at 100% UNLESS, your party starts late due to late arrivals, or runs over without the fault of the instructor. $50 per each additional 1/2 hour will be removed from the deposit. Obviously within reasonable minutes are understandable. The confirmed number of guests given the day before the event will be the number of guests you are financially responsible for as well as any additional guests. The event fee per no-show/non payment will be removed from the deposit. Thank you for understanding, we will do our best to work with the situation. Our artists have the right to stop instruction and event if participants become rude or overly intoxicated. You will not be refunded.   PLEASE ask me any questions that you may have. Carazy Paint and its employees have an upstanding reputation of having fun and delivering above and beyond. We look forward to painting with you!!

Carazy Paint follows all state regulations and Covid-19 precautions. All supplies are washed, disinfected and sanitized before and after each use.

All ages: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bacholorettes, Bridal Showers, Group events, fundraising, team building


Party Deposit

Non refundable/Non Transferable Deposit  of $200.00 goes towards the balance of your party and secures your date .

It is strongly suggested to confirm attendance from your guests prior to the event to avoid last minute cancellations. You are still financially responsible for the confirmed head count three days prior to your event.

Gratuities are not expected but appreciated. Gratuities are not included in the following party pricing below


(use friends & family to avoid surcharge)

Cash App

Venmo payments also accepted with no additional surcharge

Cara Warfle @carazypaint

Cash app: @carazypaint 856-392-6401


We start on time please advise your guests to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled event start time.  With travel events, there is a $30 travel fee. We bring the fun but you are asked to provide adequate seating ,tables, and table cloths for your guests. The Instructor will need a small area as well to display art and prepare supplies.


Face Painting also available see pricing on our Photos & Services page

Kids Parties Boys & Girls

10 person minimum

2 separate child party packages are available.

"A"  5-12 years of age

"B"  Under 5


(teen/adult package below)

we have plenty of gooey, creepy, boy stuff too

In studio events, we provide generic plastic table cloths. You are welcomed to provide themed table clothes and decorations if you prefer . If you choose to bring your own, Please provide table cloths in advance so that we can set it all up before your guests arrive.

It is strongly suggested to confirm attendance from your  guests prior to the event to avoid last minute cancellations. You are still financially responsible for the confirmed head count. three days prior to your event.

Carazy Celebration 

Canvas Painting 5+

1 1/2 hours

 Bringing cake and food:  

$50 additional 1/2 hour 

$30 per guest

  • 1 1 x 14 Canvas Painting of choice

  • Game table 

  • Plat area with tons of toys

  • Full step by step Instruction

  • Mild Photography of your event

under 5 years old:

Water color art

This includes a take home water color paint palette for each guest to take home!

We prepare a sketched multi media paint paper outlined with puffy paint, all differnt characters that your guests can choose from. The specialty paper will be attached to a mat craft board for stability that can be mounted and hung. Each child will then be taken step by step learning new and fun techniques to create a beautiful Painting using a water color palette. They always come out amazing because it's impossible not to when it is pre outlined  😏 The best part is that they get to take the entire re usable water color palette and brush home with them!!

Teen or an Adult Party

10 person minimum

There is a travel fee of $30 for travel events.  We start on time please advice your guests to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled event start time.

It is strongly suggested to collect the fees from your guests prior to the event to avoid last minute cancellations for you are responsible for the confirmed head count.

Private party fee is $ 40 per person 2-hours 

$75 additional fee for 40 minutes if bringing food

At location parties, just have your food before or after event time for no additional charge :P

Choose one of the following: 16 x 20, 10 x 20, canvas, glass bottle with LED lights, glassware, wooden plaques, or pallet board .

Home events (host is responsible to provide tables and chairs for guests) . (we bring all art supplies to home events, you are responsible for tables and seating for your guests. The instructor will also need a small area to display the painting and her supplies, Thank you)

There is a minimum of 10-36 people to book a private event.  


© 2016 Carazy Paint, LLC All rights reserved. Carazy Paint and the Carazy Paint Logo are trademarks of Carazy Paint LLC.

Cancellations and no show policy: No refunds or transfers. The date and time has been reserved for you. We have prepared to give you our full attention therefore refunds will not be granted if YOU cancel. No exceptions.

If WE cancel you will receive a full refund.

Carazy Paint Event Contract

Thanks for considering Carazy Paint for your private event. Our painting parties are always tons of fun mixed with a little bit of Carazy. We are not the typical paint party, we walk around to ensure everyone is where they should be because we know everyone paints at their own pace. We are here to help while having a great time. We won’t do it for you, but we will make sure you are fully satisfied with your creation by guiding you. Our parties are great for birthdays, showers, bachelorette’s, Girls Night Out, couples, corporate gatherings and team-building events, fundraisers or simply a fun night out!


Private parties are booked by placing a deposit to secure the desired date and time. The deposit goes towards your parties balance.


Deposits are non transferable or refundable if you cancel your event because the date has been reserved for your event in advance

It is strongly suggested to confirm attendance from your guests prior to the event to avoid last minute cancellations. You are still financially responsible for the confirmed head count. three days prior to your event


Minimum of 10 paid seats [parties of fewer than 10 guests are permissible, but the full minimum 10 seats must be purchased]. 

+Choice of: any painting in Carazy Paint’s extensive library.

+Your own experienced and talented artist

+$40 per person for a 2-hour class without food an additional $75 for 40 minutes with food

+A link to the party-page will be provided so guests can sign up in advance

+Party duration may also be extended at the price of $75 for an additional 30 minutes 


+Minimum of 10 paid seats

+Choice of: any painting in Carazy Paint’s extensive library—kids section OR

+Choice of craft (themed to your party)

Please see party packages available

+Your own experienced and talented artist

+$30 per painter for 1.5 hour class additional $50 for additional. 1/2 hour if bringing food/cake

+Ages 5 and up

+Cake may be served at the end of class 

PARTY TIME: Please tell your guests to arrive 10 minutes before the party starts as we do begin our classes on time

Please do not have guests in party area prior to Carazy Paint setting up your event. This allows our staff to properly set up for your party. Please have tables/chairs set up prior to our arrival.

+End time: Please tell all parents to arrive at the time your class ends to ensure that no child is waiting after the cake is served

OVER TIME:If your party runs over the 30 minute period following the 2-hour painting class, you may be charged for the additional time. [Note: party duration may be extended at the price of $75 for an additional 30 minutes.] Private parties that start late (30 minutes or longer) will be subject to a late fee of $75.00 per 30 minutes).

+The host/hostess of the party agrees to be responsible for all children waiting for the pick-ups


4. Painting Selection: All private parties have their choice of painting selection!

(we can suggest our favorites, just give us a theme)

Gift Certificates can not be used towards fundraisers or valid after expiration date.

____________________________________________________ ___________

Signature (Signing this document states that you are in agreement) Date


Carazy Paint representative

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